Outstanding Service to Family Law

The ACFLS Outstanding Service to Family Law Award is conferred upon individual lawyers or non-lawyers who have made extraordinary contributions to the family law community.  This broad definition gives the Board of Directors flexibility to recognize achievements in various areas of endeavor, whether by judicial officers, certified family law specialists, other lawyers, or non-lawyers that warrant the association’s recognition.

2012 – Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis
2013 – Honorable Marjorie Slabach (Ret.)
2014 – Honorable James Mitchell Mize
2015 – Honorable Mark A. Juhas
2016 – Honorable Kenneth A. Black
2017 – Honorable Robert A. Schnider (Ret.)

2018 – Honorable Michael J. Naughton (Ret.)

2019 – Bonnie Rose Hough