Spring 2017, Issue 2

ACFLS Holiday Party Toast December 2016

Organizations of atoms—that’s how the universe came about.
Our organization of Adams was formed to help troubled families out.
In 1980 when the State Bar created family law specialization
Steve Adams formed a group to further practice and education.
Tonight, as friends, we honor his group—its history and success—
The organization of Adams we know as ACFLS.

Other specialized fields of law grandfathered their bigwigs in.
Lawyers of repute didn’t test in tax, worker’s comp, or crim.
But family law—as always aggressively democratic—
Didn’t care that hotshots found test-taking traumatic.
Thirty settlements, twenty RFO’s, plus five trials, no less.
You’ve passed the test and done the rest to be CFLS.

Seymour Rose, Robert Fulton, C. Rick Chamberlain,
John Staley, Sandra Blair, Lowell Sucherman,
Len Weiler, Peter Walzer, Barbara DiFranza as well,
Sterling Myers, Leslie Shear, Dawn Gray, Joe Bell.
A sampling of presidents whose industriousness
And skills have furthered noble goals of ACFLS.

George Norton, Bill Hilton, Pat Parson and others too soon fell silent.
The love of our lives Judy Soley, who gave her life for her client.
With founder Adams now retired, who will “Year in Review” us?
The incredible Garrett Dailey and the amazing Thom Trent Lewis.
Our writers write, our judges judge, our professors persist to profess
Each with an oar on the mother ship, our ACFLS.

Amicus briefs in Elkins and in Hollingsworth v. Perry,
Buzzanca, Kelso, LaMusga, defeating Brooks with Valli.
Montenegro v. Diaz, Harris, Green and Scheppers,
Strauss v. Horton, Elisa B., Rand v. Psych, and Lammers.
Feldman had been dispatched to trash—its worthy directives repressed
Saved only with timely pub request by ACFLS.

Paying freedom’s vigilant price, we’re the family’s friend in Sac.
We find the sponsors, testify, and keep good bills on track.
Wasznicky, Fetzer and other pros are on the scene to save us
Section 218 responded to Boblitt, now 70 to Davis.
Like FLEXCOM, but with budget and no Bagley-Keene distress,
When our State Bar’s on the ropes, there’s always ACFLS.

Our Spring Seminar presenters—the most engaging and the smartest.
The Foundation invites us all to put our money where our heart is.
Our pioneering Specialist sets a scholarly benchmark
While our animated listserv yields surprisingly little snark.
Together we’re helping Adams’s vision advance and coalesce.
Remain on your asses, but please raise your glasses to ACFLS.