CLE Courses

MCLE course credit not available for courses more than 5 years old, even if a certificate is generated.

Dealing with Business Interests During the Economic Crisis

Before the economic crisis, closely held businesses were valued and nearly always awarded to the operating spouse. Now, it may be impossible to value the business and the liquidity for a buy-out has dried up. Deferred division may be the new normal, requiring spouses to continue their co-ownership. In this discussion led by Christopher C. Melcher, he explores the legal challenges, tax issues, and valuation problems when exes have to stay in the business. This was a Zoom Presentation.


Mortgage Financing Strategies in Divorce

This presentation covers what you need to know about mortgages in the divorce settlement process such as leveraging the mortgage as a settlement tool, key lender guidelines and creative workarounds, MSA verbiage, and case studies. This presentation also addresses key mortgage considerations during divorce, characteristics of divorce specific lender guidelines, and loan approval strategies to help your clients obtain financing and provides guidance on topics such as: identifying the 3 primary loan buckets and key distinctions; implications of recent tax reform; how support structuring impacts loan qualification and the ‘qualified borrower’; case studies highlighting strategies for navigating lender requirements and utilizing the mortgage as a settlement tool; and Marital Settlement Agreement language to ensure successful financing. Ross Garcia, CDLP, and Jason Crowley, CFA, CFP, CDFA.


“Issues in Apportionment of Assets: Equity Compensation and Real Property”

Mr. Stegner and Ms. McFarlin discuss various types of equity and real property apportionment between community and separate property. They analyze the documents needed to make such calculations as well as the methods used to make such apportionment (Hug / Nelson / Sequential) as well as Moore /Marsden and Branco calculations. Jeff Stegner CPA-ABV has over 30 years’ experience in accounting, the last 20+ focused on forensic accounting and business valuation.  He has been qualified as an expert in all SF Bay Area counties and been retained in well over 1,000 cases. Ms. Natalie McFarlin CPA-ABV has over 10 years’ experience in forensic accounting and business valuation and has also been qualified as an expert in most Bay Area courts.


Domestic Violence Law: A Review of Recent Cases

Discussion of recent domestic violence cases.  After a brief discussion of appeals in family law cases, Attorney Vasan discusses recent restraining order cases: Lugo v. Corona, Molinaro v. Molinaro, N.T. v. H.T., Herriott v. Herriott, Marriage of Ankola, and Tanguilig v. Valdez. The presentation then turns to custody and visitation and the following cases:  In re C. M., Marriage of C.T. and R.B., Marriage of McKean, Darab N. v. Olivera, and Marriage of Anka v. Yeager. Finally, Attorney Vasan discusses recent criminal cases involving domestic violence:  U.S. v. Lopez, People v. Sexton, People v. Brackins, and People v. Caceras. The materials include the PowerPoint handouts.