CLE Courses

MCLE course credit not available for courses more than 5 years old, even if a certificate is generated.

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Mistakes, Malpractice Claims, and What to Do When One Happens to You

Unfortunately, most lawyers will experience a malpractice claim (or the threat of a claim) at least once in their career.  For most, this is unsettling and daunting.  This program is designed to familiarize participants with the anatomy of a claim and will address what happens when someone makes (or threatens) a claim against you, what not to do, what your insurance carrier will expect, and what happens when the State Bar is involved.  While hopefully you’ll never need this information, you’ll be glad you have it in your back pocket, just in case.


THE TIME IS NOW ELIMINATING BIAS IN FAMILY LAW SERIES: Session 1, Understanding Race and Social Dominance: White Supremacy, Structural Racism, and the American Legal System

United States history is founded in the bedrock of white supremacy and racism. From the Colonial Era to the present, race and indigeneity have shaped the lived experiences of all people within the nation. Sadly, across the centuries, the legal system has protected and legitimized structural racism rather than eliminating or meaningfully challenging it. This lecture will examine ways the legal system has enforced and protected white supremacy and structural racism across the centuries.


Divorce and Death

Peter M. Walzer and Marc M. Stern address crossover issues in estate planning and marital dissolution, including the estate planning issues that arise during a divorce and the family law issues that affect the estate planning.


COVID-19: Effects on Child Support

This presentation addresses the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the handling of support issues by the court and attorneys. Commissioner Scott Harman and Melissa Harman, Esq. discuss the implications of certain provisions of Federal and State emergency relief, including the CARES Act, California Emergency Rules of Court, and local/county responses to the COVID-19 crisis. These topics are discussed from the court’s perspective and the litigant’s perspective.


Virtual Hearings, Making It Real6

Get ready for conducting family law hearings by video with this interactive webinar.  The presenters demonstrate live the best (and worst) practices.  From cross-examination, to impeachment exhibits, to subpoenaing third party witnesses to a video hearing, they cover it. The presenters Christopher Melcher and Steve Mindel are joined by Walzer Melcher Team Members Steven K. Yoda and  Cynthia J. Ponce; FMBK team members Taylor B. Wallin, Alex Grager, Tin T. Le, and Chelsea Stevens; and privately compensated temporary judge Commissioner Gretchen W. Taylor, Retired.