CLE Courses

MCLE course credit not available for courses more than 5 years old, even if a certificate is generated.

19 Ways to Change a Judge’s Mind Without an Appeal

Prepare for the appeal when you prepare your case for trial. Our presenters overlay the procedural timelines with the various forms of relief available as your case progresses from stipulations before trial through prejudgment motions, motions during trial, motions after judgment is entered, and available relief until filing of the Notice of Appeal. Our panel are experts in this process. Steve Temko is dual certified in Family Law and Appeals. There are more than 19 Motions and Requests fully presented in the materials with this program — a Handbook of 37 possible motions in 100 pages by Steve Temko and also the slides of the presentation also found in the video. You will not find this concise wealth of information on alternatives to an Appeal in any other place.


Orange Co 2019 Speakers Series – Pt. 2 Custody and Support Litigation

2019 Speakers Series Learn from the Masters: Custody & Support Litigation Part Two: Temporary Support – A Whole New World Commissioner Richard G. Vogl (Ret.), Steven G. Hittelman, CFLS, Glenn R. Mehner, CPA, CFF, and Art Grater, PE Discussion of best use of forensic accounting experts for family law attorneys, review of important family law accounting issues and tips for their use as well as an analysis of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), its impact and calculations.  Great materials as well.


Parenting Coordination: The Swiss Army Knife of Custody Tools

This presentation addresses specific issues and approaches for the use of a Parenting Plan Coordinator (PPC) in cases of high conflict custody and parenting. The use and concept for a Parenting Coordinator or a Special Master varies county by county throughout the State. This presentation addresses the application of a “referee” to cases with a single problem or multiple problems. Each case must consider the grounds for appointment; authority of the PPC (Parenting Plan Coordinator) to make decisions and orders; Court orders from recommendations: specific procedures; and fees. The views of a family law attorney and then Commissioner contrasted with an experienced psychologist give balance to the potential uses for a PPC. The materials contain examples of extensive Stipulations and Orders from 3 Northern California counties. Spend one hour and get a refreshed view of another tool for your toolbox.