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CLE Courses not available for courses more than 5 years old even if a certificate is generated.

Attachment: A Concept in Search of Understanding

Robert A. Simon,Ph.D. is an expert witness, child custody evaluator, child custody consultant, and custody mediator with over 30 years of experience in custody forensic psychology. This presentation is provides the attorney with an understanding of the role of “attachment” in the custody decision. Dr. Simon addresses the weight of attachment at the various ages of development of the child. Consider the factor of attachment in the determination of best interests. This presentation will give you some familiarity with the literature on attachment for psychological use in forensic psychology.Attachment is best described and cannot be measured. Consider the age of the child and the value of home observations in an evaluation. The recognition of attachment plays a role in the approach to reunions of parent and child. If you litigate or mediate custody, the knowledge from this presentation by Dr. Simon is a must.


Selecting a Return Rate – Investment Theory and Rate of Return Considerations in Divorce Proceedings

A knowledge of Rate of Return theory and application is important when you have issues to: 1. Impute income to investment assets to determine support; 2. Apply a discount rate for lump-sum buy outs of spousal support or assets; 3. Determine amount of life insurance as secutity for support; 4. Determine whether a party can maintain Marital Standard of Living from their assets. The program provides a general overview of investment concepts, the factors considered and case authority. With this understanding follows the different approaches for determining rates of return. Visual charts and examples of the different methods are provided to supplement the written materials. The pros and cons of the concepts and approaches are shown is various case studies. Invest an hour to enhance your ability to negotiate your case or examine the experts.