Summer 2017, Issue 3

Editor’s Desk

This quarter we have news about several items important to the Family Law Specialist:

ACFLS Charitable Foundation

First, there was no time to obtain an article about the new and growing ACFLS Foundation and its mighty success in raising money for a deserving charity at the Spring Seminar dinner, but Lynette Robe has released a short statement:

We will include an article about the relatively new ACFLS Charitable Foundation in our next issue, but it is wonderful to report that the ACFLS Charitable Foundation had a very successful dinner on Saturday night at the ACFLS Spring Seminar. The dinner was combined with the 25th Anniversary of the ACFLS Spring Seminar. There were 125 in attendance and a grant of $5,000 was given to the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law in honor of the late, great Hon. Kenneth Black. Judge Black’s daughter, Catherine, was also recognized at the dinner. Attendees at the dinner and at the Spring Seminar were very generous, so the ACFLS Charitable Foundation continues to grow, with the hope of increasing the grants next year.

New Family Law Specialist Editors Needed

Next, after the call for more editors in my last column, Shanon Quinley, CFLS, in Pasadena, California, has joined the editorial committee as a much-needed fourth editor, joining Debra Frank, Jason Schwartz, and me. We welcome her. Our thanks to Richard Gould-Saltman for his many years on the committee, and his past contributions. We still need two more editors!

Scholarly Articles, Authors & Goals

Always on your editors’ minds is the ongoing improvement of the Family Law Specialist. The Specialist is intended to be primarily an academic journal, not a magazine. This means that although we publish news of interest to the readership, such as the availability of meetings, classes, and recordings, our greatest continuing emphasis is on the dissemination of scholarly and nuanced original articles that will benefit our members now and in the future.

In the next few months we will be internally exploring how to raise the bar even higher on what constitutes an article fit for the pages of the Specialist, and we plan to present the results of our exploration to the Board. While we are exploring, if any of you have thoughts on why past articles or columns in the Specialist have been particularly important to your practice, please email your comments to Debra Frank or me.

We Want More Tech Articles

This is a call for articles on technology in the courtroom. We recently published an introductory article on the topic by Hon. Thomas Trent Lewis and Eve Lopez, CFLS, but we want more. Because so many of our counties have begun the painful process leading toward 100% digitized family law filing here in California, and because so many other areas of law have become adept at the presentation of digitized evidence, we want to prepare our readership to be out front in practicing digital family law. Ideally, we want information from all over the state that our readership may use in each of our counties. Send your submissions to Debra Frank or me.

Call to Authors

If you are an experienced legal writer and have a proposal for a well-researched article of interest to family law bench officers and certified family law specialists, please contact us about your submission. Only original work please.
New writers—we will work with you. If we initially reject something it will not be a closed door. Every experienced writer was a new writer at one time.
Email all questions, requests for our style guide, and completed submissions to Debra Frank, Associate Editor,, or me, Christine Gille, at

The views and opinions expressed in our journal are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of ACFLS.