Spring 2017, Issue 2

Editor’s Desk

Grateful Thanks

This is my first “Editor’s Column” since being elected as the editor of the Specialist. There are three other lawyers in our firm, two who practice personal injury law and another who practices family law. I have found that the acts of writing and editing for publication make me a better lawyer, so I will carry out my editor’s duties while personally benefitting from the work

As I take over as editor, I thank the outgoing editor, Debra Frank, who still has read and corrected every word of every article in this issue and handled the myriad tasks required to get this issue of the Specialist published. She will be the Associate Editor this year, and I am grateful to her. I also thank the editorial committee with whom I worked as the associate editor these past two years.

Call for Editors

We are looking for two qualified people to join the editorial committee. If you are knowledgeable in family law, in family law legislation or family law appeals work, and you seem to be the one who cannot look at a colleague’s draft without a pen in your hand, we need you. We also need people who can approach their fellow lawyers and guide them to write an article for the Specialist. Next, if you are an aspiring writer who wants to be published but wants to ease into the role first, we welcome you.

Importantly, if you are from any county north of Los Angeles, we invite you to edit for the Specialist. Do not let this journal be edited exclusively by those from Southern California!

We go to press once per quarter with 28 pages in each issue. Specialist editors do more than merely clean up grammar or make the slightly loose or pedantic article sing. Our authors provide pieces that contain legal perception, case analysis, exploration of controversies, consideration of new trends, and even technical tips. Most of our authors are experienced legal writers, but we also have newer authors who submit pieces that may need more than average editing. Members of the editorial board must have good general knowledge of the subject area of the piece they are editing which means that pieces are assigned to editors who feel confident in the subject area. We “meet” by teleconference at 5:15 p.m. once per month to ensure progress. You can do this work in the middle of the night – perfect for those who are tired of volunteering for committee meetings during work hours. Join us.

Call for Writers

We are a legal journal, not a magazine. Therefore, our readership demands scholarship, advanced knowledge of the subject matter, and carefully researched materials. Authors, and beginning authors, must know their subject matter well. Most articles published in the Specialist are written by those who are expert at their topic. We liberally use work by those who are certified by the State Bar of California as family law specialists (CFLS) and other specialists. Bench officers are always invited to contribute pieces they have written on their own or have co-authored with others.

If you are an experienced author, contact me, at cdgille@gglawpasadena.com, or Debra Frank, at dfrank@debrafranklaw.com, for a style guide. Send in your submission, a short biography, and a good quality photo. You will be contacted to give final approval of the edited article and will be asked to sign a release.
Please do not ask us to publish your side of an argument that is currently up on appeal. When you win or lose later, an analysis of the total issue will be welcome. We have even had fine co-authored pieces written by both sides of an appealed case.

Moving Forward:

I look forward to working with the ACFLS board, the editorial committee, the folks at Sublime Designs Media, our production coordinators, and the readers of our publication, who all help to continue the long-standing Specialist tradition of thought-provoking information presented through excellent journalism.

The views and opinions expressed in our journal are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of ACFLS.