Christopher C. Melcher, CFLS

Dealing with Business Interests During the Economic Crisis

Before the economic crisis, closely held businesses were valued and nearly always awarded to the operating spouse. Now, it may be impossible to value the business and the liquidity for a buy-out has dried up. Deferred division may be the new normal, requiring spouses to continue their co-ownership. In this discussion led by Christopher C. Melcher, he explores the legal challenges, tax issues, and valuation problems when exes have to stay in the business. This was a Zoom Presentation.


Power PreNups

Negotiate and draft premarital agreements which protect your clients, foster a strong marriage, and keep you out of trouble.  Learn strategies for crafting an enforceable agreement.  This presentation goes beyond the basics and outlines drafting and negotiating techniques, while providing an understanding of the necessary legal framework.  Topics covered include transactional negotiations, timing and approach, hot button issues, issues to avoid, and risk management.  Take this opportunity to learn from the expert, Christopher C. Melcher, who specializes in complex family law litigation and the preparation of premarital agreements.