Dennis Temko Esq.

“Rules of MSA Interpretation (How I Learned to Stop Violating my Parol and Love the Rules)”

This program focuses on the proper interpretation of MSAs and other contracts years after their execution.  Having viewed this program, the practitioner will be fully equipped to advance their own clients’ interpretations and defend against opposing parties’ theories.  The practitioner who knows these rules and wields them correctly will dominate post judgment litigation, which could result in the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.


19 Ways to Change a Judge’s Mind Without an Appeal

Prepare for the appeal when you prepare your case for trial. Our presenters overlay the procedural timelines with the various forms of relief available as your case progresses from stipulations before trial through prejudgment motions, motions during trial, motions after judgment is entered, and available relief until filing of the Notice of Appeal. Our panel are experts in this process. Steve Temko is dual certified in Family Law and Appeals. There are more than 19 Motions and Requests fully presented in the materials with this program — a Handbook of 37 possible motions in 100 pages by Steve Temko and also the slides of the presentation also found in the video. You will not find this concise wealth of information on alternatives to an Appeal in any other place.