Diana E. Richmond, CFLS

“Electronic Evidence & The Bounds of Privacy”

Do you remind the Judge of your client’s “right to privacy”? This presentation by Diana Richmond, CFLS, provides the law, cases, and arguments when challenged by the “rights of privacy”. How far does the right of privacy extend in the marital context? Our presenter focuses on the clash between electronic evidence and the bounds of privacy. There are competing forces of fiduciary duty between spouses, compliance with the discovery statutes, and privacy. This program addresses claims of privacy and the right to inspect electronically stored information (ESI). How do you avoid abuses of ESI? If a client intercepts electronic communication they may be subject to civil litigation and damages. To asset the right of privacy you must understand and address the burden of proof issues.


16th Annual Spring Seminar: “Spousal Support: Everything the Family Law Practitioner Should Know, and More”

Spousal Support: The Historical Perspective and the Future Vision – James A. Hennenhoefer, CFLS; Diana Richmond, CFLS How to Prove the Elements: Difference in Temporary v. Permanent Spousal Support & Burdens of Proof – Ronald S. Granberg, CFLS; Robert Blevans, CFLS Modifications, Step-Downs and Terminations of Spousal Support – Garrett C. Dailey, CFLS Income v. Cash Flow Available for Spousal Support – Stephen J. Wagner, CFLS; Cynthia V. Craig, CPA Taxation Issues Relative to Spousal Support Orders – Ronald S. Granberg, CFLS; Robert E. Blevans, CFLS Collection of Spousal Support from Retirement Income Streams/Murray – R. Ann Fallon, CFLS; James M. Crawford, Jr.,


18th Annual Spring Seminar: “Titles, Transfers and Transmutations: When Spouses Change the Character of Assets and Obligations,” including Pre‑Conference Institute: Advanced Attorneys’ Fees

Fundamentals of Transmutations – Dawn Gray, CFLS; Stephen J. Wagner, CFLS Title Presumptions and Burdens of Proof – Stephen Temko, CFLS, CALS ’Til Death or Divorce Do Us Part: Probate and Family Law Crossover Issues – Hon. Mitchell Beckloff; Diana E. Richmond, CFLS; Avery Cooper, CFLS Title, Transfers and Transmutation Trial Practicum – Peter M. Walzer, CFLS; Christopher Melcher, CFLS Settlement Practicum: Outside the Box Settlement Tools – Eileen Preville, CFLS Ask the Judges: “The Last Word” – Hon. Thomas Trent Lewis; Hon. Michael Naughton; Hon. Maren Nelson