Hon. Erick Larsh

23rd Annual Spring Seminar: “Submitted: Mastering Rulings, Orders & Judgments”

Garrett C. Dailey, CFLS Faculty (Bench): Faculty (Bar): Justice Dennis Cornell Robert Brandt, CFLS Hon. John Chemelski, Ret. Ronald Granberg, CFLS Hon. Dianna Gould-Saltman Babarba Hammers, CFLS Hon. Erick Larsh John Hodson, CFLS Hon. Mark S. Millard Sherry Peterson, CFLS Hon. Thomas Trent Lewis Leslie Ellen Shear, CALS, CFLS Hon. Marge A. Slabach, Ret. Stephen Temko, CALS, CFLS Hon. Alice Vilandi Elaine Tumonis, Esq.


26th Annual Spring Seminar – Navigating Custody Litagation: A Roadmap to Success 11 MCLE hrs 3/2-3/4/18

Does Your custody Evaluator Know the Truth? Hon Gale Hickman and Marc Tovstein To Depose or Not to Depose: That is the question – The Ins and Outs of Depositions Re Complex Custody Issues – Larry Ginsberg and Raquel Sefton Sanchez Substance Abuse and the Family Code 3044 Presumption: Get Thee Back to the Fundamentals of Lawyering – Hon. Mark Juhas and Andrea Palash Beyond the Case Law: Successful Litigation of Relocation and Abduction Issues – Hon. Dianna Gould Saltman and Hon. Erick Larsh A Strategic Approach to Direct Examination – Hon. Michael Convey and Glen Schwartz Cross Examination Tips, Strategies, and Pitfalls – Hon. Sharon Kalemkiarian and Michele Brown