Hon. James Mize

25th Annual Spring Seminar Yours Mine and Ours: Complexities in Characterizing Assests and Debts

The Family Residence: Recent Cases and Hot Topics Dawn Gray, CFLS and Katherine Kirkland, CFLS; Issues Affecting the Character of Commercial and Investment Property Dawn Gray, CFLS and Greg Abel, CFLS It’s None of Your Business, Or Is It Robert C. Brandt, CFLS, Judi A. Curtin, CFLS, and Lawrence A. Moskowitz, CFLS Characterization of Retirement Benefits and Deferred Compensation – The Seesaw R. Ann Fallon, CFLS and James T. Crawford, Jr., JD Follow the Facts – Characterizing Investment Accounts, Insurance, Stock, and Employment Compensation/Assets Hon. Sue Alexander, Hon. Mark A. Juhas, and Hon. Michael J. Convey Staking Claims to Intellectual Property in the Golden State Harold Stanton, JD; Kenneth Sidle Debts and Dissolution of Marriage or “Who Gets the Gold Mine and Who Gets the Shaft” D. Thomas Woodruff, CFLS, Hon. James Mize, and Hon. John D. Paulsen Ask the Judges – the Last Word on “Yours, Mine, and Ours: Complexities in Characterizing Assets and Debts” Hon. Thomas Trent Lewis, Hon. Michael J. Naughton (Ret.), Hon. Patti C. Ratekin,


Opening Statements and Motions in Limine

This presentation continues the 2019 program series on family law trials. “Opening Statements and Motions in Limine” is presented by Hon. Thomas Warriner (Ret.) (Yolo County) and Hon. James Mize (Sacramento County) as moderated by Stephanie Williams CFLS. Do judges want opening statements, how are they helpful, attorneys should focus their opening statements, what attorneys should include, and how to organize an opening statement for success. Motions in Limine are extremely effective and little used. The presentation gives ideas for the use of Motions in Limine in family law including issues and specific evidence. What should be included in the Motion? The program materials include sample Motions in Limine. This program will leave every attorney with key takeaways to consider for their next trial. Presenters: Judge Thomas Warriner (Ret.), and Judge James Mize. This presentation is approved for 1 hours of specialization and recertification credit in family law and MCLE credit. February 27, 2019 61 minutes