Hon. Thomas Trent Lewis Ret.

17th Annual Spring Seminar: “Complex Property Characterization and Disposition Issues: Strategies for an Uncertain Economy”

Practical Solutions to “Real” Estate Problems: Character i zation and Division in a Down Real Estate Market – Ronald S. Granberg, CFLS; Robert E. Blevans, CFLS Upside Down and Inside Out: Coping With Fore closures and Short Sales – D. Thomas Woodruff, CFLS; Jonathan G. Stein, JD; Randy C. Renfro, CPA, JD; Arnold Breyer, CFLS Beyond Pereira and Van Camp: Equitable Apportionment in a Chaotic Market – Dawn Gray, CFLS; Stephen J. Wagner, CFLS Practical Strategies for Business Valuation and Cash-Flow Analysis in an Economic Downturn – Peter M. Walzer, CFLS; Jerry E. Randall, CPA Don’t Delay the Deferred Comp Issues: A Review of Pension and Retirement Division Law and How to Minimize Risks – R. Ann Fallon, CFLS; James M. Crawford, Jr., JD “The Last Word” on Characterization and Division – The Judges Will Take Your Questions Now. . . – Garrett C. Dailey, CFLS (moderator); Hon. Donald King (Ret.); Hon. Thomas Trent Lewis; Hon. Jerilyn L. Borack


18th Annual Spring Seminar: “Titles, Transfers and Transmutations: When Spouses Change the Character of Assets and Obligations,” including Pre‑Conference Institute: Advanced Attorneys’ Fees

Fundamentals of Transmutations – Dawn Gray, CFLS; Stephen J. Wagner, CFLS Title Presumptions and Burdens of Proof – Stephen Temko, CFLS, CALS ’Til Death or Divorce Do Us Part: Probate and Family Law Crossover Issues – Hon. Mitchell Beckloff; Diana E. Richmond, CFLS; Avery Cooper, CFLS Title, Transfers and Transmutation Trial Practicum – Peter M. Walzer, CFLS; Christopher Melcher, CFLS Settlement Practicum: Outside the Box Settlement Tools – Eileen Preville, CFLS Ask the Judges: “The Last Word” – Hon. Thomas Trent Lewis; Hon. Michael Naughton; Hon. Maren Nelson