James A. Hennenhoefer, CFLS

“ESI 2.0 – Managing Electronically Stored Information and E-Discovery in Family Law”

This is a full-day (6 hours) practical approach to ESI Education. You need this information to prepare for trial, prepare discovery to obtain ESI, to educate your clients about the dangers of ESI, and to examine ESI experts. Learn what lies beneath the surface of your CPU as you delve into ESI in cell phones, tablets, and laptops, under the guidance of nationally recognized computer forensic experts and educators. This course will show that electronic evidence can be user-friendly. Examine the proliferation of powerful, probative electronic evidence to increase competence in employing ESI effectively and economically. Learn key techniques that even lawyers with limited IT experience can find practical and easy to use. This program explores the fundamentals of how evidence lives in clients’ computing environments. Discover the essential areas for negotiation and agreement in connection with the preservation, collection, processing, review and production of electronic evidence. This will assist you in lowering the cost with do-it-yourself approaches to E-Discovery.


16th Annual Spring Seminar: “Spousal Support: Everything the Family Law Practitioner Should Know, and More”

Spousal Support: The Historical Perspective and the Future Vision – James A. Hennenhoefer, CFLS; Diana Richmond, CFLS How to Prove the Elements: Difference in Temporary v. Permanent Spousal Support & Burdens of Proof – Ronald S. Granberg, CFLS; Robert Blevans, CFLS Modifications, Step-Downs and Terminations of Spousal Support – Garrett C. Dailey, CFLS Income v. Cash Flow Available for Spousal Support – Stephen J. Wagner, CFLS; Cynthia V. Craig, CPA Taxation Issues Relative to Spousal Support Orders – Ronald S. Granberg, CFLS; Robert E. Blevans, CFLS Collection of Spousal Support from Retirement Income Streams/Murray – R. Ann Fallon, CFLS; James M. Crawford, Jr.,