Sherry Peterson, CFLS

23rd Annual Spring Seminar: “Submitted: Mastering Rulings, Orders & Judgments”

Garrett C. Dailey, CFLS Faculty (Bench): Faculty (Bar): Justice Dennis Cornell Robert Brandt, CFLS Hon. John Chemelski, Ret. Ronald Granberg, CFLS Hon. Dianna Gould-Saltman Babarba Hammers, CFLS Hon. Erick Larsh John Hodson, CFLS Hon. Mark S. Millard Sherry Peterson, CFLS Hon. Thomas Trent Lewis Leslie Ellen Shear, CALS, CFLS Hon. Marge A. Slabach, Ret. Stephen Temko, CALS, CFLS Hon. Alice Vilandi Elaine Tumonis, Esq.


Spousal Support: Presenting the Spousal Support Claim at Trial

This one hour presentation provides background, skills and strategies for presentation at trial of the claim for permanent spousal support. This issue can have substantial or severe financial consequences to your client. The Courts have been directed by codes and case law to consider the factors on various issues of factual situations for permanent support. The Court is directed not to rely on a “formula”. The award is based on the facts presented at trial. An attorney fee order is influenced by these facts. The presentation of the facts for the FC 4320 factors can get lost in a full trial. Cases lean both ways. How does a Judge see this issue from the bench? How do you simplify your presentation to get your desired result? Does it really matter?  Get preparation hints,  practical advice and suggestions from Commissioner Glenn Oleon and Sherry Peterson, CFLS.