Stephen Temko, CFLS, CALS

18th Annual Spring Seminar: “Titles, Transfers and Transmutations: When Spouses Change the Character of Assets and Obligations,” including Pre‑Conference Institute: Advanced Attorneys’ Fees

Fundamentals of Transmutations – Dawn Gray, CFLS; Stephen J. Wagner, CFLS Title Presumptions and Burdens of Proof – Stephen Temko, CFLS, CALS ’Til Death or Divorce Do Us Part: Probate and Family Law Crossover Issues – Hon. Mitchell Beckloff; Diana E. Richmond, CFLS; Avery Cooper, CFLS Title, Transfers and Transmutation Trial Practicum – Peter M. Walzer, CFLS; Christopher Melcher, CFLS Settlement Practicum: Outside the Box Settlement Tools – Eileen Preville, CFLS Ask the Judges: “The Last Word” – Hon. Thomas Trent Lewis; Hon. Michael Naughton; Hon. Maren Nelson


Here, There, But Not Everywhere: Problems Involving Fiduciary Duties

Among other unique issues, the panelists will offer tips for applying fiduciary duties in mediation, collaborative law, post-judgment and other situations. Can fiduciary duties be built into mediation or the collaborative process to survive either process and not be shielded by mediation confidentiality? How can fiduciary duties be waived? Can parties contractually extend fiduciary and disclosure duties beyond the division of community property? This panel will explore these and other issues.


Justice for Bad Actors: Sanctions, Remedies and Defenses

Review of the procedural methods to seek damages and sanctions including the use of alternate valuation, remedies for violation of fiduciary duties, misappropriation, omitted assets, breach of warranty, 271 conduct, Rules of Court and defenses to each. Stephen Temko has over 37 years in family law and appeals and will review all the potential remedies for those special spouses who have earned harsh treatment from the family court.