Steve Mindel, CFLS

From Consult to Trial: Demystifying the Preservation, Collection and Presentation of ESI in Family Law (Part 1)

Ten presenters provide perspectives from Family Law judicial officers, Family Law attorneys, a professor of social media and a family law forensic CPA. These experts provide you with innovations in the area of social media, advances in technology, recent developments, and ethics opinions that require you to have knowledge and training in ESI. Demonstrations throughout the program illustrate the feasibility and process of forensic analysis. The presentation of electronic evidence includes how to admit an email, a text message or a digital photo. California attorneys face a new frontier of E-discovery and E-disclosure obligations including how to obtain data by formal discovery, preserve the data, and protect yourself and your client. Knowledge, tips, and techniques follow a single fact-pattern of a dissolution matter including domestic violence, child custody, child and spousal support, division of property, attorney’s fees and fiduciary duties. Completion of this program will give you the knowledge and comfort level for the presentation of digital evidence and a specific understanding of applying the Rules of Evidence to obtain the desired result.


Virtual Hearings, Making It Real6

Get ready for conducting family law hearings by video with this interactive webinar.  The presenters demonstrate live the best (and worst) practices.  From cross-examination, to impeachment exhibits, to subpoenaing third party witnesses to a video hearing, they cover it. The presenters Christopher Melcher and Steve Mindel are joined by Walzer Melcher Team Members Steven K. Yoda and  Cynthia J. Ponce; FMBK team members Taylor B. Wallin, Alex Grager, Tin T. Le, and Chelsea Stevens; and privately compensated temporary judge Commissioner Gretchen W. Taylor, Retired.