Spring 2015, Issue 2

President’s Message

The 23rd Annual Spring Seminar concluded with great success this year. Thank you to all the presenters, the Judicial Responder Panel, and Garrett Dailey for providing an outstanding program. I would also like to express my gratitude to the Spring Seminar Committee (under the leadership of Patricia Rigdon, Co-Chair) and the entire ACFLS Board who all combined their efforts to deliver another excellent seminar. Dee Rolewicz, Executive Director, and Rachelle Santiago, Administrative Assistant, also provided invaluable assistance to all.

We start planning these annual seminars about ten to eleven months in advance and have booked dates with the hotel (Omni Rancho Las Palmas in Rancho Mirage) for the next two years. I urge you to consider attending next year if you have not done so in the past, as the combination of the high caliber program content/presenters with the venue truly allows for a worthwhile experience. In addition, you have the added bonus of networking with other family law attorneys and professionals from around the state. If you are lucky, you might catch Ron Granberg playing the harmonica with the hotel band!

Although we spend much of our time and energy as a Board on the Spring Seminar, we do have other business that keeps us busy, including (but certainly not limited to) continuing to provide excellent educational opportunities and information through our local chapters and this terrific periodical. We also have a huge catalog of DVDs available for purchase of past presentations. Please peruse our catalog and/or website for more information.

Also, in the next few months, our awards committee, led by Sherry Peterson, Education Director, will be soliciting nominations for our Hall of Fame and Outstanding Service to Family Law awards. Please look for these announcements/solicitations and let Sherry know if you have a nominee.

Our Nominating Committee, chaired by Vice President Seth Kramer, will be considering nominations for board openings in the near future. If you are interested in serving on the board or know of someone who is interested, please provide the information to Seth for consideration by the Nominating Committee.

We also have several other very active committees, such as the Legislative Advisory Committee, which monitors all California Family Law legislation. This is the committee that drafted and prompted the anti-Bobblitt legislation that ACFLS sponsored last year. This committee also actively reviews all proposed legislation that impacts the practice of family law. ACFLS periodically comments or takes positions on proposed legislation.

The Amicus Committee is co-chaired by Leslie Shear and Stephen Temko, who are both dual certified as Specialists in Family and Appellate Law. This Committee reviews requests for amicus briefs and considers seeking publication of cases that may impact the practice of family law. As of this writing, ACFLS has successfully sought publication of Winternitz v. Winternitz, 235 Cal. App. 4th 644 (2015).

These are just a few examples of some of the actions/activities in which we engage as a Board. There is, of course, much more that we are doing, all with the goal of improving what we do as an organization. We are constantly striving to achieve our mission: We endeavor to advance the knowledge of Family Law Specialists; monitor legislation and proposals affecting the field of family law; promote and encourage ethical practice among members of the bar and their clients; and promote the specialty to the public and the family law bar. ■