Summer 2016 Issue 3

President’s message

Over the past few years, I have noticed an influx of newer younger attorneys practicing family law in my community. I remember back when I was a newer attorney, I was grateful for the ability to be able to seek advice and learn from veteran attorneys. Part of the reason that I gravitated toward family law as a specialty was because of the positive feelings that I had toward my local family law community. There are probably scores of tips that our experienced members could pass on to our newer colleagues. However, ala David Letterman style, I polled some of our board members and we collaborated on a “Top Ten” Tips for newer Family Law Attorneys:

10. When a potential client says money is “no object,” don’t believe it.
9. Ask a well-respected Family Law attorney to be your mentor.
8. Attend as many Family Law CLE courses as possible- they provide networking opportunities as well as education.
7. Don’t believe everything you hear. Rely on what the evidence shows, and let your client know that is what you have to do.
6. Invest in software- you will need a calculator program and a research product.
5. Do not represent friends or family members- No exceptions.
4. Website- a must in today’s world.
3. Volunteer for family law clinics, panels, etc. – you learn and get your name out into the community for possible referrals.
2. Join a study group with experienced attorneys who are members of ACFLS so that the communal knowledge and experience can be shared AND finally, the #1 tip:
1. Start working on becoming a CFLS as soon as possible so that you can join ACFLS and gain access directly to The Specialist and our listserv—the best benefits offered by any family law organization!