From “I Rest” to “I Appeal”: The Post‑Evidentiary Phase of a Trial

Ms. Shear is dual certified in Family Law & Appellate Law. Her one hour presentation provides background and skills in the law after a trial decision with preparation hints, practical advice and suggestions if the case moves toward an appeal. Plan ahead with Proposed Orders, Motions in Limine and written Offers of Proof. Be careful of the Statement of Decisions timelines. Post Decision motions to position your case. Stays pending Writ and Appeal. Ms. Shear gives a direct and practical approach.


Statement of Decisions: Nuts and Bolts of Drafting the Request and Proposals As to Content

Unlike most statement of decision programs that regurgitate the law, an appellate specialist discusses how to write a successful document. This program compares examples of good requested statements of decisions. You are also presented proposed content with examples that should be avoided. This program is unique because it provides you with the tools for advance planning that should be part of your trial preparation. Remember, a specific and well prepared Statement of Decision can focus your Judge and avoid an appeal.