2021 Speaker Series: Part 1: Main Event – “Custody Then…Not Okay Now”

Discussing detailed approaches to cross-examination on issues found in custody hearings and how to approach the case with and without an expert. This seminar will touch on the type of custody assessments, i.e. Emergency Investigations, Child Custody Investigations, or private Child Custody Evaluations and focus on how to cross-exam when there are issues concerning different types of abuse, co-parenting, special needs, refuse-resist dynamic, and relocation affecting a child’s best interest.


An Imperfect Toolkit: Parental Abduction Prevention

What if he/she doesn’t return the child? Many clients ask you. A quick explanation suffices to calm the fears. But this problem is growing. There is now a Judicial Council Form. Or how about the call that the child is now overdue being returned! Leslie Ellen Shear is THE expert. She has lived the process with her clients in the trial courts through appeal and return of the child. It is too late to listen to this when you answer the telephone call of a client and the child is missing. 10 Reasons the Hague Convention May Not Be Enough


Beyond the 730 Evaluation: Using Retained Experts in Custody Litigation

Dr. Singer discusses the roles of the neutral and retained experts including guidelines for ensuring the protection of work product. She talks about the various roles for an attorney to utilize a retained child custody expert in a case, from use for client education to their use in the courtroom to attack or support the neutral expert’s opinion. Dr. Singer provides various case examples from child abuse cases to move away cases.