Domestic Violence

“Restraining Orders & the Developing Law On Non-Violent Abuse”

Over the past 3 years the Appellate Courts have addressed and expandedemotional and psychological abuse within the realm of Domestic Violence. If you have not been following this trend, here is a concise one hour presentation by a Judge and an attorney with unique qualifications to assist you in “knowing it when you hear about it”. These remedies now put some risk to actions a person thinks they can get away with! The program shows by example how to determine if such “actionsby words or deeds” are DV, such as disseminating private or intimateinformation. How to address the conflict with the 1st Amendment. The presentation will help you be aware of how the Courts’ address our changing social trends and explosive media.


Domestic Violence Law: A Review of Recent Cases

Discussion of recent domestic violence cases.  After a brief discussion of appeals in family law cases, Attorney Vasan discusses recent restraining order cases: Lugo v. Corona, Molinaro v. Molinaro, N.T. v. H.T., Herriott v. Herriott, Marriage of Ankola, and Tanguilig v. Valdez. The presentation then turns to custody and visitation and the following cases:  In re C. M., Marriage of C.T. and R.B., Marriage of McKean, Darab N. v. Olivera, and Marriage of Anka v. Yeager. Finally, Attorney Vasan discusses recent criminal cases involving domestic violence:  U.S. v. Lopez, People v. Sexton, People v. Brackins, and People v. Caceras. The materials include the PowerPoint handouts.