“Bankruptcy Issues in Divorce” 2016

In addition to a review of the bankruptcy basics, you will learn about new developments and revised dollar and debt limits under BAPCPA and how they may affect your divorce clients, If you want a primer on the interrelation of bankruptcy and family law and as well as an update to your knowledge base, this is a can’t-miss presentation. The materials include a thorough and concise description of the issues for Family Lawyers and a schedule of the bankruptcy laws, terms, exclusions and limits for quick reference.


“The Effect of Marital Status and the Characterization of Property on Post-Death Transfers”

In Estate Planning, titling means everything and often the way property is characterized can make a huge difference at the time of death. In Family Law we many times start with property characterized as part of an estate plan and conclude with the issue of how to characterize property post dissolution with no estate plan in place. This presentation poses the potential problems and available solutions for planning if death during dissolution process – Family Court or Probate Court. Title of property on death with and without estate planning documents. Applicability of family law principles in Probate Court. Anticipate the potential problems and plan accordingly. The speaker is an estate planning attorney who “inherits” our problems.


760 Erosion: Through the Brooks and Into the Valli?

Ron Granberg gives a thought provoking analysis of the effects and application of IRMO Brooks and Robinson. Does this case change 20 years of legal reasoning? Learn how you can argue contrary positions when faced with reasoning on transmutation and characterization issues. Should you take additional litigation action in anticipation of these arguments? Should prenuptial agreements anticipate this line of reasoning? Does the fact that property is initially acquired change from the application to already-owned property? Ron Granberg is well known for approaching complicated issues in a well reasoned approach with some levity!