Substance Abuse

Drug Testing: Impact of Drugs and Narcotics on Parenting: Testing Protocol Issues, Expert Testimony: What Every Family Law Attorney Should Know

The program includes a discussion about the problems with urine testing (substituted samples and dilution), the advantages and permissibility of oral swab testing, the impact of drugs and narcotics on parents as well as the exponential increase in symptoms when mixed with alcohol, and more. The presentation includes a “show and tell” of a “Whizzanator,” other devices used to substitute clean urine samples in place of tox positive samples, and more. Invest an hour to recognize the problems and avoid later headaches.


From Click to Courtroom: The Legal Ramifications of Internet Addiction

Is your client an obsessive gamer? Is your client’s Wife addicted to online pornography? Learn the nature of internet addiction and how to use that knowledge to help your client, or seek an order for treatment for the opposing party. The Bay Area’s Internet Addiction Specialist, Dr. Elaine Brady, and Lynne Yates-Carter CFLS, discuss how internet addiction can dramatically affect property, support and parenting orders. If you haven’t had a case with this issue, You Will.


Substance Abuse Issues in Custody Litigation

This two hour presentation is a comprehensive analysis of the many facets of substance abuse as it effects custody litigation. Right answers are difficult to come by, regardless of which side you represent. Substance abuse has many forms so the first hurdle is to identify the problem and look for the sources within the family system. This presentation provides extensive knowledge of a specialized Medical Doctor combined with the experience and resources from a Certified Family Law Specialist. It provides background, skills and strategies for presentation at trial of the issues, defenses, and solutions to determine custody issues.  Substance abuse has substantial impact on custody and the future of the family members intensified by the dissolution. This review could give you that one approach that escaped your analysis. Get knowledge, preparation hints, practical advice and suggestions from Nathan E. Lavid, M.D. and Jason M. Schwartz, CFLS.