Substance Abuse

“Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession: Prevention, Detection, and Treatment”

In this presentation, Mr. Mann provides a review of the brain chemistry of addiction and alcoholism, as well as a discussion of the behavioral and health consequences of the disease. Insights are offered into the personality traits of attorneys and the qualities of the legal profession that combine to make lawyers significantly more susceptible to addiction, and more difficult to treat, than the general population. The presentation includes a case study of an addict attorney, as well as a self-diagnosis exercise for attorneys to utilize if they are concerned that they may have a problem which needs to be addressed. Concluding remarks are directed towards both systemic and individual solutions to the problem, with references to specific strategies and resources available to attorneys. Mr. Mann approaches this very serious topic in a manner that incorporates humor and irony and invites attorneys to engage in a bit of sometimes much-needed self reflection.


Drug Testing: Impact of Drugs and Narcotics on Parenting: Testing Protocol Issues, Expert Testimony: What Every Family Law Attorney Should Know

The program includes a discussion about the problems with urine testing (substituted samples and dilution), the advantages and permissibility of oral swab testing, the impact of drugs and narcotics on parents as well as the exponential increase in symptoms when mixed with alcohol, and more. The presentation includes a “show and tell” of a “Whizzanator,” other devices used to substitute clean urine samples in place of tox positive samples, and more. Invest an hour to recognize the problems and avoid later headaches.


From Click to Courtroom: The Legal Ramifications of Internet Addiction

Is your client an obsessive gamer? Is your client’s Wife addicted to online pornography? Learn the nature of internet addiction and how to use that knowledge to help your client, or seek an order for treatment for the opposing party. The Bay Area’s Internet Addiction Specialist, Dr. Elaine Brady, and Lynne Yates-Carter CFLS, discuss how internet addiction can dramatically affect property, support and parenting orders. If you haven’t had a case with this issue, You Will.