Accounting – Tax Law

“Accounting/Tax Issues in Family Law” Be prepared to present and defend a tax return presented as evidence: What is a complete tax return? How to tell? What about information that comes with the tax return that really isn’t part of it? Why look at the state tax return? Always look! What detail is presented in the Schedules, Statements or Other Information. Review the Schedule K-1 with the DissoMaster worksheet. The materials include a sample tax return to follow and search out the information in the presentation to effectively present or cross examine from a tax return presented as evidence. Presenter: Roland Hamilton, CPA/ABV, CVA This presentation is approved for 1 hour of specialization and recertification credit in family law and MCLE credit. October 23, 2018 67 minutes


Complex Family Law Trial Issues, Part Two: “Simple Answers to complex tax issues in practice and trial”

The divorce process often creates tax problems, which require intricate knowledge of both family law and the tax code to solve. In this interactive program, our presenters discuss the rules every attorney must know when dividing community property or making spousal support awards. Issues include non-reported income, filing status, perqs, innocent spouse, liquidating 401K/IRA, Duke Order, non-citizens, shifting taxes, carryforwards, and recapture. CFLS Christopher Melcher, and Judge Lon Hurwitz, show you how to avoid the tax pitfalls associated with division of property and spousal support, and how to effectively present tax issues at trial.